February 22, 2011

Edmodo - social networking meets the classroom.

Seems like we're all addicted to social networking. Those of us who don't post every detail of our lives on our facebook page still lurk around and read about everyone else's lives! Am I right? Well, Edmodo is sort of like that. It's a social networking tool designed specifically for the classroom...sort of like facebook for students! But the great thing is that it's a closed environment - conversations are between classmates and not the entire world. With Edmodo, students aren't posting the minute details of their lives, they're collaborating and communicating about schoolwork.

Edmodo allows students to communicate with each other and with their teacher (think backchannel chats) during class or at home. Students can talk to their classmates about the great book they're reading at home. Assignments can be managed and submitted through Edmodo. Videos can be embedding directly into Edmodo, eliminating the junk students might see on video sharing websites. Students can also collaborate on projects with their classmates. There are so many more things Edmodo can be used for, so just check out their website here instead of reading this boring post. But before you click on that link, let's review. Collaboration + Communication = Jubilation. Now go check out Edmodo!

Image used with permission from Edmodo

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